I Did Not Surrender!



A Peter Parsons Lucky Guillermo Presentation

Spyron AV Manila Productions


The film directors, Peter Parsons and Lucky Guillermo, are providing a video of immense historical value on a subject never told before. It is about the spontaneous movement that sprung up all over the Philippines when the Japanese Imperial Army invaded the Philippines in 1941.

They point out that this resistance did not wait for defeat and surrender. There were both Filipinos and Americans who went to the hills as early as December of 1941, when MacArthur declared Manila open city.


This video is remarkable in its depth and breadth, and its flow, despite the lack of a narrator to inform the viewer. Instead there are a few "road signs" to guide viewers to the area being covered by the next group of interviewees. And remarkably, there are 100 talking heads to include escaped surrendered, unsurrendered, spontaneous guerrillas, Americans, Filipinos both men and women. In a very few cases there are sons or daughters speaking for their now-deceased fathers.

These voices describe the feelings of defeat, the desire to wreak vengeance on the invaders, the desire of these men to act on their own and not obey orders from their officers or even from MacArthur. And also: how they often fought--and bitterly--each other.

Among the more prominent voices are those of Bob Lapham, Ed Ramsey, Luis Taruc, Manuel Segura and Emmanuel de Ocampo, Gustavo Ingles, Frisco San Juan, and Clyde Childress, Albert Montague and Bob Wood; nearly all the major islands in the country are represented. But the richness of texture comes from interviews with guerrillas that history would never have heard of otherwise! This work cannot be duplicated anymore with the disappearance of so many of these old warriors.



Understandably, because Parsons is the son of Cmdr. Chick Parsons who organized the submarines that supplied the guerrillas with everything they needed--this video also deals with the importance of these subs--but always from the point of view and in the voices of the guerrilla speakers.

Guillermo, the artistic director, (also a son of a noted guerrilla leader in northern Philippines, Lt. Antonio Guillermo, alias Silver has collaborated with Parsons on several other documentaries from WWII in the Philippines: Secret War in the Pacific; Ships From Hell; Voyage of Goodwill; Anchored in Friendship. Enshrined in Freedom and Manila: 1945, The Forgotten Atrocities which won an award and recognition in the Myrtle Beach International Film Festival in So. Carolina in December 2007.


If you wish to purchase a copy of this DVD or if you have any questions, please contact Peter Parsons.


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