At the Manila Hotel, in early 1942, Tojo drinks a toast

with the leaders of Manila’s clergy. 



The absurdity about the picture above is, only three years later, in February, 1945, almost all the priests seen in this picture will have been brutally murdered by elements of the Japanese Imperial Forces when the Japanese declared war on the civilian population of Manila. 








Manila: 1945

“The Forgotten Atrocity”


Murdered Children on the Streets of Manila



Peter Parsons directed and produced the most historically accurate documentary on the Manila Massacre we have ever seen, with the boldest footage of the massacre.



This documentary shows that the Manila Massacre was a systematic military operation carried out by elements of the Japanese Imperial Forces.  It denies the Japanese their lie that the massacre was simply random acts of a few soldiers who had run amok.



“The Battling Bastards of Bataan” endorses this documentary.



If you wish to purchase a copy of this DVD or if you have any questions, please contact Peter Parsons at



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