This is their story!



Table of Contents


Outline of Events

(Fred Baldassarre)


Effectiveness on Bataan

(John Whitman)


A Requiem for the Battling

Bastards of Bataan

(Paul Reuter)


The G-4 Report


Maj. Gen. James O. Gillespie MC

Report on Malaria on Bataan


Provisional Air Corps Regiments

on Bataan


Bataan and Corregidor:

In Retrospect

Maj. Richard M. Gordon


Death By Hanging

Maj. Richard M. Gordon


The Role of American Civilians in

the Philippines in the War Against Japan

(Fred Baldassarre)


Battling Bastards of Bataan Memorial

in Capas, Tarlac


Surrender: A Soldier’s Legal, Ethical,

and Moral Obligations


Remarks at the Manila American Cemetery


Civilians in Bataan and the Death March

(Rico T. Jose)


Bilibid Transfer Roster

(Bob Hudson)


Prisoners of Japan:

Did Rank Have Priviledge?



A Piece by Iris Chang


The 26th CAV in the Defense of Bataan

Lt. Col. T.J.H. Trapnell


Anyasen and Silaiim Points

57th Infantry Regiment

Lt. Col. Arnold K. Johnson


Japanese Army Centrifugal Offense

in the 1941 and 1942


Abucay Hacienda

41st Infantry Philippine Army

Maj. William R. Nealson


The Operations and Movement of

The 31st Infantry on Bataan

Maj. Everett Mead


The Operations of II Corps

on Bataan


Operations on Mt. Samat

51st Infantry Philippine Army


Operations on Bataan by

the 91st Infantry Philippine Army